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We miss our BuddhaThis area is devoted to our two "sons" - Rat Terriers named Buddy and Ren. Sadly, due to kidney problems, we lost our beloved Ren, a.k.a. Buddha, on Wednesday, August 3rd. He was incredibly loved, and lived one of the greatest (and most spoiled) dog lives ever. He loved to chase squirrels in the park, and lived for long naps and anything made out of bacon. He was a true "momma's boy", and we'll never forget him. He would have been 12 in September, and we know he's running around somewhere chasing squirrels and mice, and snacking on bacon and steak. We miss you, Buddha!!!

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(a.k.a. Buddha, Buddhaman, Buddha Man Jones)

(a.k.a The Mini Beast, Budsalicious, Monkey Boy, Killer)

Some of our all-time favorites:

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Buddha at the beach Buddha Buddies 3..2..1.. Here I come! Awww.... Ouch!! Buddy in a box
Rowrrrrr! Nap time....again Santa Buddy takes a nap Huh? What? Us? Nose to nose Pals
too much turkey buddha claus and Budolph Caught in the act Who wants to play? Can I sit up front? Bra? What bra?
Battle of the purple bone Bat Buddha Buddha Love The Great Buddha Sleeping Buddha Did someone say treat?
Squirrel Hunting Snack Time Wasn't us! Guess what I can do? Perfect pillow Sleepin on the porch
Lazy Day Buddy at the Beach Just too cute The boys sleeping The little peanut Yuppie Buddy
Ravens Fan Buddys first day Well dressed Buddy Battle for Monkeyman Snuggle Buddies Can someone shut this guy up?